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Ins and Outs of Web Scraping - Web Scraping in Perl, Python & Cold Fusion

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=============================Perl =======================================


Mechanize library can be used for automating interaction with websites. Mechanize automatically stores and sends cookies, follows redirects, can follow links, and submit forms.

 use WWW::Mechanize;
  use Storable;
    $url = 'http://www.linkedbd.com';
    $m = WWW::Mechanize->new();



=============================Python =====================================

Method 1

urllib2 can be used for creating your own HTTP requests.urllib2  is standard python library.urllib2 module defines functions and classes which help in opening URLs (mostly HTTP) in a complex world basic and digest authentication, redirections, cookies and more.



import f print 

Method 2

Mechanize can be used for creating your own HTTP requests. Mechanize  is basically a python web browser. Any url can be opened, not only http. mechanize.UserAgentBase offers easy dynamic configuration of user-agent features like protocol, cookie, redirection.


f print
=============================Cold Fusion==================================

Method 1

cfhttp can be used for creating your own HTTP requests.


<cfhttp url="http://www.linkedbd.com/">






Method 2

CFX_HTTP5 Custom Tag for ColdFusion Application server meant to be used in ColdFusion scripts for asynchronous access to HTTP servers.


<CFX_HTTP URL=http://www.linkedbd.com METHOD=GET OUT=RESULT>


    <!---  ERORR PROCESSING --->


    <font color="#aa0000">Server returned error:

    <CFOUTPUT>Error number: #ERRN#</CFOUTPUT></font>








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Comments On : Ins and Outs of Web Scraping
M. K. Basher
One of the best short brief on web scraping, I have ever found. Thanks for sharing it.
Aug 02, 2012
Abu Hena...
You describe web scraping with different angles & perspective in a short brief. its really amusing. it clearly describes your depth of knowledge with programming language. we expect another important article from you soon.
Mar 21, 2011
Ajay  Sharma
Thanks For Sharing Such a useful information Thanks
Nov 28, 2009
Mar 25, 2009
This is the greatest article I ever found on web about web scraping. It covers vast amount of web scraping technique that are using now a days with almost every modern language.
Mar 25, 2009

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