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Mithu Hassan
Mithu Hassan
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Knit Fabric consumption calculation !!

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Fabric consumption calculation is most important part of Clothing Merchandising. A lot of sourcing manager is giving target price to vendor during the inquiry; 50% of actual buyable price or less then that. But as a vendor; nothing to be worried in fact whenever I asked about target price; generally a reply are getting immediately quote your best price

The view of this post is not for that; I was surprised today after quoted my actual price for 50,000 pcs SS V-neck Tee Shirt by Single Jersey 160 gm/m2; sourcing manager stick on the same target price which are less then fabric cost; though this is not my 1st experience but rare case. The reason could be either; are not well aware about fabric consumption or didnt check the current yarn price today. We are calculating Circular Knitwear fabric consumption as the following way;

Body Length = in CM
Sleeve Length = in CM
Chest/Bottom (most widest part) = in CM
GSM = gm/m2

[{(Body Length Sleeve Length 10 CM Allowance) X ( Chest 4 CM Allowance)} X 2 X GSM] / 10000000 X 12 Wastage (Knitting, Dyeing & cutting sewing its around 15% to 17%) = fabric consumption KG/DZN



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